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Module 13

Module 13: Fat Mass- The Law of Thermodynamics and how it will allow you to provide individual customized weight loss programs that really work!

The practitioner will gain knowledge of the Laws of Thermodynamics that will help them explain the reason that so many of the best intentions to lose fat end up going by the way side is not always because of lack of self-control and continuing to eat too much. Most of the faddish weight loss programs fail to address is biochemical individuality. The practitioner will learn how to individualize fat loss programs and set himself or herself apart from the competition.

1. Understanding the basics of Fat
2. Fat and its relationship to Energy
3. Energy measured in Calories, and the role of food in daily intake
4. Determining Protein needs of individuals
5. Understanding the Laws of Thermodynamics
6. The relationship of Fat Mass and calories
7. Calorie cutting and the physiological response of the body’s starvation mode
8. The Exercise Law of Diminishing returns
9. Thermogenic effect of food

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