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Module 11

Module 11: Fat-Free Mass-Why your scale won’t do you any good!

The practitioner will learn the clinical significance of lean body tissue and its effect on human physiology and gain the skill to differentiate muscle gain verse water retention while interpreting the patient’s data. They will become skilled at educating their patient base that there is more to health than weight on a scale, it is all about body composition, as one can be obese at 130 lbs.

1. Physiological significance of lean tissue
2. BIA’s ability to assess lean tissue
3. Clinical significance of Sarcopenia
4. Sarcopenic Obesity (Skinny Fat)
5. Lean tissue as a nutrient reserve
6. Understanding how a lack of fat-free mass is a sign of failing health
7. Difference between Lean Dry Mass (LDM) and Fat-Free Mass (FFM)

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